Marcin Trosko, born in Poland, 1979.

He is a husband and proud father to a daughter.

While he possesses a formal educational background in civil engineering (specializing in structures) and has been a chartered engineer since 2009, his fervour for photography and architecture has been an enduring presence in his life, stretching from his secondary school years to the present day.

Since June 2016, he has taken up residence in Ireland.

…Work (Statement)

Marcin has always had a strong inclination towards drawings and graphics in the realm of art. It wasn’t until the 1990s that he had his initial encounter with photography as an artistic medium. It happened when he witnessed one of his older colleagues presenting black and white silver gelatin prints to their secondary school art teacher. This experience led Marcin to the realization that photography could be more than just a tool for capturing everyday moments and events such as family gatherings and vacations.
However, Marcin’s serious interest in photography didn’t develop until a couple of years later, in 2003, when he finally had the financial means to purchase his first 35mm film SLR camera. Since then, photography has been a constant companion in his life, though the level of intensity has varied.

Despite the growing popularity of digital cameras, Marcin opted for an analogue camera due to his admiration for the superb quality landscape photographs created by other artists, particularly those from the American West Coast. Marcin’s preferred approach to photography is slow and deliberate, and he mainly works with black and white negatives. This allows him to create output that is more interpretive than descriptive in nature. His subjects range from landscapes to still life, sculpture, and architecture. However, in a broader context, he explores the topic of the impermanence of material world.

If you’re interested in learning more about his work, you can find additional details in the descriptions accompanying some photos or appended in separate files.

…Workflow and Output

Marcin seamlessly integrates conventional analogue image capture techniques with the utilization of a 4×5″ film format view camera, the development of black and white images in a darkroom setting, and modern digital post-processing of scanned negatives.

All images showcased on this website are intended to be regarded as premium pigment prints developed to the collector’s standards. They are meticulously produced on ISO A2 format paper possessing archival qualities, featuring a smooth matte finish and weighing more than 300 gsm. The prints are strictly limited-edition, comprising 50 individual, personally signed copies (with an additional 3 copies reserved for the artist), and can be obtained by placing an order through this website.


Although we may not have had the opportunity to meet in person, I suspect that your presence on this website is indicative of your fondness for photography. If this is indeed the case, you might also harbour an interest in discovering additional information about other practitioners of this medium. To that end, I have created a dedicated section labelled ‘Inspirations’ on this website. Within this tab, you will find the names of photographers who have made a significant and enduring impact on my memory, thereby influencing my understanding of photography as a means of personal expression.

If you would like to remain up-to-date on my recent undertakings, I encourage you to peruse my dedicated social media platforms. I sincerely hope that you derive pleasure from the content featured on my website.

Should you desire to obtain further information regarding my artistic endeavours or wish to place an order, kindly complete the contact form found within the ‘Contact’ section. I extend my gratitude for your interest in advance.

– Marcin* Trosko, Ireland, 2023

* – gael. Máirtín, eng. Martin