My fascination with photography began during the era of silver halides. Consequently, the majority of individuals mentioned below embarked on their careers prior to the digital age, with a particular emphasis on black and white imagery. I have endeavoured to recall some notable practitioners of the medium who have left a lasting impression on me. Given the vast amount of content available on the internet, it is impossible for me to stay current on all of it. Nonetheless, you may be able to identify a few younger artists among those listed. Some of these artists, to my knowledge, favour modern technology over traditional techniques, particularly in their use of colour. It is important to note that the list below is not meant to be exhaustive.

Bruce Barnbaum
Paul Caponigro
John Sexton
Brett Weston

Ansel Adams
Nobuyoshi Araki
Richard Avedon
Zbigniew Beksiński
Nick Brandt
Christopher Burkett
Joe Cornish
Charles Cramer
Michael Fatali
David Fokos
Josef Hoflehner
Michael Kenna
Ruslan Lobanov
Roman Loranc
Steve McCurry
Robert Mapplethorpe
James Nachtwey
Andrew Nadolski
Helmut Newton
Bruce Percy
Sebastiao Salgado
Jan Saudek
Guy Tal
Edward Weston